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Subject: RE: After Phoning For 3 Days, "She Drowned Friday Night"

Danny Chaplin [] wrote:

DC> I Googled and found your charming article on your Blog. So what exactly is your point? The old folks died, no one gave a fuck about them. No one cared and no one saved them. Why do you have to open your stupid cakehole and comment? <DC

My point is that we don't have enough solid information to draw the conclusions that you draw from Broussard's tearful and unquestioned TV outburst. See my update at, giving more evidence for my point.

DC> As for your rebuttals as to why the Iraq was is a bad idea, if you think illegalling occupying Iraq is such a good idea WHY AREN'T YOU OVER THERE YOURSELF DOING SOME OF THE FIGHTING you silly, hypocritical cowardly bugger. <DC

The fact that someone like you reached directly for the ChickenHawk argument confirms that I correctly ranked it as the lamest argument against the invasion:

So thank you for brightening my morning by drawing attention to two ways in which statements in my blog have gathered increased empirical support.